An analysis of India’s fast-growing egg business sector

Over the years, people living in rural or semi-urban areas disrupted due to uneven raining, they find difficulties to grow crops. In order to generate more income farmers shifted to poultry farming. Low-cost poultry farms can be easily established in small area and generate good revenue, added value to local economy. Indian is suitable country for egg business because increasing population demand more eggs in diet and also consumption is growing as eggs are utilized in various products. Eggs are rated at international market on the basis of nutritious value.

Problems faced by egg farm owners in rural regions

-   Transportation cost – Backwards areas didn’t have better connectivity to local markets, additional investment is required to sell eggs.

-   Infrastructure – India is second-most leading egg production country in Asia but still infrastructure development is low as compared to developed economies.

-  Lack of technology - poultry farm owners should be trained on latest technology related to building egg processing plant so that better quality eggs can be obtained.

-  Financial support – To develop egg plant with modern equipment huge investment is required. Farmers unable to meet requirements hence government should come forward to facilitate small pocket entrepreneurs.

Primary international markets for poultry exports:

-  India exporting different types of eggs or products like, table eggs, egg powder, frozen eggs, hatching, etc.

-  UAE, Bangladesh, Oman, Japan, Kuwait and Afghanistan are countries which entertain Indian eggs.

-  Demand for table eggs is increasing year-by-year

-  Egg powder used in Bakery products is exported more

Government has realized potential growth rate, initiate various programs to encourage farmers to produce better quality eggs. India has some advantages due to availability of cheaper labours and lower poultry production cost, in fact, it is crucial to utilize all resources to meet requirements of international customers. However there is tremendous growth has been registered in egg consumption rate at domestic level as well.