Jump into fun at Andeywala while enjoying health breakfast

Egg franchise just got vast popularity over the past two years with entry of new players. Consumers are enjoying healthy breakfast and have improved their health while making fun. At Andeywala you will find everything unique based on single aim to deliver fresh and quality foods. As the name suggested that foods items offered here are made up of eggs, a best nutrient contained commodity. One of the biggest changes was took place when unorganised egg industry was taken to storm by entry of branded egg franchise. From its feudal roots to becoming most lucrative sector in India, egg franchise business has come a long way. With more people develop professional farm to produce cage-free eggs, running their own business and earn huge amounts. To add more, good egg restaurant is also one of the best ways to serve society while showing your culinary skills.

Franchise concept was first introduced to egg industry when people demand branded egg products. Andeywala was incorporated with sole objective to operate on global standard and to promote Indian egg dishes at international arena. The brand is work on various frameworks to build work-class egg franchise. These frameworks include:

  • Identify new opportunities to create better customer experience
  • Developing effective business plan
  • Understanding customer preference to serve them well
  • Promote fresh and quality egg products

These are basic business strategies or frameworks that should be focused while designing any egg franchise. Future of egg business is sound; there is no doubt that people demand varieties of eggs. For example, duck eggs, emu eggs, goose eggs, gull eggs, etc. is consumed around the world. The giant eggs of ostrich equivalent to 24 hens’ eggs are also available for large supper parities. Hence people are specifically varieties of egg dishes prepared by involving natural ingredients and original cage-free eggs.


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